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Media Personality 🎤| Speaker 🗣️| Philosopher 💭| NFT Marketer 🎨

Natsune Oki is a social media personality, the host of LifeUpEducationTV, book author, public speaker, and an NFT marketer at a Tokyo NFT company. After graduating from high school, Natsune went to America and studied business and economics. She also worked in marketing at several small and medium-sized tech startups during her school days where she realized her mission in life to create media to inspire people to achieve their best selves which later became LifeUpEducationTV and her passion for startups and entrepreneurship. Since then she has worked as a global marketing and project management consultant for over 30 clients across 8 countries to successfully implement marketing, branding, and PR strategies and operation in the US and Japan markets all while publishing her self improvement book, being a public speaker for topics related to mindset & courage building, creating documentary-styled vlog shows for Natsune’s world to build her presence in media.

Now she continues to produce documentary vlog show Natsune’s world, deliver mindset talks as a mindset development book author, speaker and philospher, hosts interviews with high achievers across many walks of lives to fullfill mission for LifeUpEducationTV, pursuit her new passion for NFTs as a marketer in a Tokyo NFT startup company. 


LifeUpEducationTV is an entertainment & education show that talks about advancing the possibility and capability of humanity as a whole from the perspective of arts and science. 
At LifeUpEducationTV, we believe that art is the foundation of humanity and art is what humanity exists on. In this thinking, the Future is inward, not outward, because the future is about the possibility. The possibility is about challenging the limit of the current state of knowledge, in other words, our history, data, experience, & common sense. We are not inspired by data, knowledge & history. We are inspired by the future and possibilities. We recognize the value of knowledge and intelligence from experience, but we don't allow them to be our limiting beliefs to tell us how much we can achieve as humans & destroy our creative and dreamer selves. This is why LifeUpEducationTV was born. We believe that the destiny of humanity is formed by challenging our imagination and creativity in possibility and this imagination and creativity are already inside of us.

We came to this thinking all because of the LifeUpEducationTV founder, Natsune.  She worked in Seattle StartUp Community as a young professional and created opportunities to meet and learn from brilliant leaders and entrepreneurs who were challenging the possibilities of humanity using technology. There, she recognized the possibility of, and inspiration in technology. She also recognized the value of a community as she hosted multiple events for the community partnering with local startups, venture capitalists, and startup incubators.

SSW alternative.jpg
WeWork Seattle, Seattle StartUp Week 
SSW Zillow.jpg
Zillow HQ Seattle, Seattle StartUp Week 

"Today, my mission at LifeUpEducationTV is to contribute to making a progress in humanity. I want to show people the possibility. I want to encourage each and every one of you to strive in life, in the way you choose to strive (because we all bring something to the table in our unique way), so together we can create a greater future for humanity as a whole.

LifeUpEducationTV is here to deliver what all livings need to strive for and keep striving in life, - the life that can be very difficult to live if you are alone at times.

All livings need to feel a sense of self-love, significance, laughter, happiness, connection, and inspiration for us to strive. LifeUpEducationTV serves that! We are here to cultivate your positive and courageous voice in your head to help you break through whatever mindset challenges you are facing today to strive in life."


Ask Natsune Show

Natsune Oki, the author of The Game Of Self-Domination, and the host of LifeUpEducationTV will answer any questions you have about how to break through challenges in life. 


Natsune's World 

Natsune's World is a documentary-styled vlog show that follows Natsune's life.

Have a sneak peek at her daily life and get to know real Natsune. 


NFT Celeb Club 

Host Natsune will interview successful NFT founders, marketers, and industry experts to learn how to successfully launch NFT projects and how companies can integrate NFTs into their business strategies.

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