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5 Women Empowering Contents

This month is Women's History Month!

So in today’s blog, I want to feature some of the awesome items that I ever come across that celebrate women :)

#1. 3 Brutal Truths About Success You Must Hear Today - Lisa Nichols

I just came across this audio by accident the other day and her speech hit me.

If you are feeling low on motivation or fighting with self-doubt, I highly recommend listening to it.

#2. “Young Lady” by Kato Miriyah

I have already introduced this song before in my blog post.

The lyrics include lines like:

No matter what anyone says

I will not give in to anyone's words

Because I was born as me

And I decided to live my life as me

It's just that

I love myself

I care deeply about me

(This is how I do my life)

Living strong and beautiful

I'm proud of myself

I am a proud young lady

The path I chose, seeked out, and decided myself

This whereabouts do not belong to anyone

I finally got this is my life

There have been so many things up until now

Now I adore my life so much

It's just the way it is