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Advices for all 18 - 35 years olds!

If you are landing your first job:

  • You can not decide which career to go with

Do all or pick one with an ease. You can always change your mind later. You still have loooooonnnngggg life to go, and looooooonnng career to go. As long as you have a healthy body, there is no reason to be scared of - you are not risking $h*t! You can always make up for your mistake if something turns out to be one. It’s more important to fix wrong decisions you made than trying to make the best decision because the reality is.... you can't even know what the right decision is anyway unless you experience both decisions which is impossible.

  • You don't have any confidence

It’s ok to not know what you want. What’s not ok is to give up trying to find what you want. You don’t have to be insecure about not knowing in life and not knowing what you want. As much as this uncertainty looks scary, you only have your youth once in your life. Being young is exciting and fun. Focus on exciting opportunities rather than the shortage of knowledge - you will have all these responsibilities and knowledge even if you don’t want to in the future, your turn will come. And the truth of the matter is... these adults who pretend to know everything, they don't know nothing neither in the definitive term . They are also still trying their best figuring out their lives from what they know.